Safety Jogger Work Boots Dakar Black

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  •  Leather shoe

  •  Water repellent

  •  Nylon mesh lining

  •  Anti-static

  •  Puncture resistant steel sole

  •  Shock proof

  •  Anti-slip

  •  Steel toe cap

  •  S3 PU/PU sole

Product Description

Dakar 018

Penetration resistant insole up to 1100 N 

Soft Leather upper parts with Water Repellent function

Double density polyurethane out-sole provide excellent comfort

Steel toe cap resistant to: A shock of 200 J or Pressure of 1500 kg

Anti-static : provides protection against electrical hazards from live circuits

Anti-shock system:Low-Density polyurethane provides Shock Absorption in heel

Size Chart