Bekina StepliteX Gumboots

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  • Light as a feather

  • Thermo-insulating

  • Durable

  • More comfort

  • More safety

  • More slip resistance

Product Description

Bekina StepliteX Gumboots 

(Non Safety)


This hard-wearing Steplite® X work boot with its wide leg was specially developed for the agriculture sector.

The model offers excellent grip on the most slippery surfaces (SRC approved) and insulates to -30°C.

Every pair of boots comes with free moisture-absorbing ergonomic footbed.

So your feet will always stay dry. This insulating PU boot is especially popular within agriculture,

but is also ideal for food processing or industry. Or you can simply use them

as the perfect leisure boots for a woodland walk on a winter's day!

There are four great features that separate Bekina boots from all others in the market:

1. Comfort

The reason Bekina boots are so comfortable is that they are made from polyurethane, not rubber.

Polyurethane is 30% lighter than rubber or PVC. A further feature is that the StepliteX was developed

especially for the wider-than-standard-European feet of antipodean customers.

2. Durability

Tests have proven that boots made of polyurethane last up to three times longer than rubber or PVC boots

(when used in similar circumstances). Our trial-users of Bekina boots reported wear periods of up to 12 months

in circumstances where they considered 3-4 months satisfactory from rubber boots.

3. Slip Resistance

Bekina boots comply with the top ISO standard of ‘SRC’ (Slip Resistancy Coefficient). This standard

is achieved by successful testing on ceramic tiles wetted with 0.5% SLS solution and steel with 90% glycerine.

This success is due to the inherent grip-ability of polyurethane, and the design of the Bekina treads.

4. Insulation

As polyurethane is a foamed material it contains air bubbles throughout. These act like any foamed

insulation material to reduce temperature conductivity. Our Bekina Steplite-X boots will be comfortable in all

Australasian farming temperatures and conditions. These same insulation properties also mean Bekina boots

do not sweat as rubber boots do, in warm weather.

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